GMC Food Services


GMC (Georgia Military College) Food Services provides our Preparatory School students with dining options based on the student’s grade level. 

  • Top Dog Diner serves students in grades 10 through 12 in Boylan Hall. 

  • Bulldog Café serves students in grades K through 9 and is in the Preparatory School Annex. 

  • Growl Grab and Go serves students in grades 10 through 12 at lunch and grades 6 through 12 after school for snacks. The Growl Grab and Go is in the Boylan Hall Atrium.  

Bulldog Card
Preparatory families can add funds to their student’s account/ID using the Bulldog Card Online program ( Once the transaction is completed, the student’s ID card acts like a debit card. Students can make purchases in GMC dining facilities and the bookstore using the Bulldog Card.

Meal Plan Options 
GMC offers meal plans for Preparatory students in all grades. The cost of the plans very based on grade. 

  • Blackbaud Tuition Meal Plan Enrollment- Enrollment period (April-May prior to the first day of school) families enroll in the meal plan and pay Blackbaud Tuition for the meal plan each month. 

  • Annual and Semester Meal Plans- Preparatory school families purchase the Meal Plans as a one-time online. (

Pay As You Go Option
Students have the option of purchasing food for lunch a la carte at the Bulldog Café or at the Growl Grab and Go.  Effective May 1st, 2023 students/families choosing to pay with a credit/debit card will be accessed a third-party convenience fee.  The convenience fee % will display at the time the transaction is processed.  The convenience fee is accessed and retained by our third-party vendor for providing the credit/debit card processing service. 

Prep School Lunch Payment Guidance 
Click here to access policy


Bulldog Card and Food Services Contact:
Bulldog Card Office
BULLDOGCARD@GMC.EDU or 478-387-4919