School Year 2023-34 Rates

Tuition            $5,600 

Fees                    550 

Total           $6,150 

*Includes instruction, use of textbooks, yearbook, lab fees, and admission to most home Prep School athletic events. 


Please review GMC Prep School Tuition and Fee Policy- Click here for the GMC Prep School Tuition and Fee Policy.


Tuition and Fee Payment Overview

·         All payments must be submitted using a GMC approved Online Payment System-Blackbaud Tuition. 

·         Blackbaud Tuition Payment Plans begin May of the year before the school year begins.  

·         Blackbaud Tuition Payment Plans Families are responsible for viewing and paying accounts by the scheduled due date.  

·         Failure to review an online account does not constitute a valid reason for not paying tuition on time.  

·         Online billing information is available at or (888) 868-8828. 



Blackbaud Tuition Payment Methods 

FREE payment processing methods:  

·         Auto Pay feature drafts monthly payments from your family’s checking/savings account.  Click here for Setting Up Auto Pay for Checking and Savings Accounts Feature in Blackbaud Tuition Instructions. 

·         Each month select Bank Account from the Payment Details section and provide the student/family’s Bank Routing Number and Account Number (checking/saving) 


Credit/Debit Payments

Effective May 1st, 2023, families choosing to make Tuition payments using a credit/debit card will be accessed a third-party convenience fee.  The convenience fee % will display at the time the transaction is processed.  The convenience fee is accessed and retained by our third-party vendor for providing the credit/debit card processing service.  


Future Bulldog Deposit 

Upon official acceptance into the Prep School, your child’s deposit will be allocated across a 12-month payment plan. 



GMC Student Accounts 

478-387-4847 option 1 

Located in Parham Hall (across the street from GMC’s South Gate)