*SY2023-24 online scholarship application period ends on Tuesday, January 13, 2023.
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GMC is committed to providing the maximum number of scholarships GMC can afford.  All recipients of scholarship funds are expected to remain in good academic standing, exhibit exemplary behavior and remain current in their financial obligations to the school.  Failure to comply with any of these expectations may result in termination of the scholarship.  GMC faculty/staff or coaching staff are not authorized to discuss payment arrangements or scholarships with parents or guardians.  

How Do I Apply for Scholarships?

Each year a student is enrolled, parents/guardians must submit an online scholarship application, most recently filed tax return, and any requested documentation to Blackbaud Financial Aid Management by the stated deadline.  The deadline to apply for scholarships for the upcoming school year will be posted on GMC Prep parent notification systems and the GMC Prep School website.  Families may begin the application process by clicking on the following link https://studentfinancialaid.blackbaud.school/ 

‚ÄčGMC currently offers the following Scholarships

A.     The GMC Presidential Scholarship is a need-based scholarship and subject to availability of institutional funds.

B.     The Active Duty Military Scholarship (10% tuition reduction) is awarded to children whose parent/parents are active duty members or called up for active duty service. Verification of active duty service members orders must be uploaded to studentAR@gmc.edu.  The scholarship does not apply to those attending weekend drill and two weeks of active duty in the summer, IRR members, or retirees. The scholarship cannot be additive to other scholarships the school may already offer. The scholarship begins upon the date the service member is placed on active duty and is not retroactive. When the service member is no longer on active duty, the scholarship ends. 

C.    The GMC Bulldog Club President and Vice President Scholarship (10% tuition reduction) is awarded to children while parent/parents serve as President or Vice President of the GMC Prep School’s Bulldog Club.

D.    GMC offers tuition scholarships for families with multiple children enrolled at GMC as follows:

               First Child                0% Tuition Scholarship

               Second Child         10% Tuition Scholarship on the second child only

               Third Child             20% Tuition Scholarship on the third child only

               Fourth Child           50% Tuition Scholarship on the fourth child and additional children.

E.     The GMC Foundation and Alumni Association offers a limited number of GMC Prep School scholarships based financial need and additional varying criteria. If a student is awarded a Foundation Scholarship, additional information may be required.

Notification of Financial Aid

Once your application is processed, Blackbaud Financial Aid Management forwards a financial aid recommendation to Georgia Military College Resource Management Office.  All final financial aid decisions, including notification of an award amount (if any) will be made by the Georgia Military College Resource Management Office. 

Award notifications will be received no later than April 30th each year.  If you have not received notification regarding financial aid, contact the Georgia Military College Resource Management Office at 478-387-4847 (option#1) or email studentAR@gmc.edu.

Scholarship ForfeitureTo avoid forfeiture of scholarship award, each family must complete the registration process by June 30th.  The complete registration process is defined as:

·        Current school year balance must be paid in full.

·         Parent/Guardian has completed the Blackbaud Tuition Management Online Enrollment process.

·         Completed Financial Enrollment Agreement for the upcoming school year must be on file with the Resource Management Office.

·         Payments (May and June) are current in accordance with the Blackbaud Tuition Management Online Enrollment Payment schedule.

 All questions concerning scholarships, should be directed to the Resource Management Office.

Office Hours:                        8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday

Phone:                                   478-387-4847 option 1

Email:                                    studentAR@gmc.edu