The Deadline to submit your family’s SY24-25 Blackbaud Aid Scholarship Application and Required/Supporting Documentation is November 17, 2023.

Your Blackbaud Financial Aid scholarship application does not constitute, nor will it be considered, as an application to GMC Prep School.  Independent of this scholarship application, applicants must complete the Admissions application process and receive a formal acceptance to the Prep School.   

GMC Scholarship Information Video


Georgia Military College, the GMC (Georgia Military College) Foundation, and generous donors fully fund the Preparatory School needs-based scholarships. GMC receives no federal or state scholarship funding to offset scholarship expenses. Based on the verified SY23-24 Blackbaud Scholarship applications, Preparatory School families have an overall financial need of $997,920 for SY23-24. With the GMC Foundation, GMC Preparatory School can provide $250,000 (an increase over last year) in need-based scholarships.

Preparatory School families receiving SY2023-24 scholarships have an average taxable income as follows:

  • Single Parent $29,312
  • Two Parent $58,240

Need Based Scholarship Application Requirements:

To be considered for need based scholarship funds, new and returning Prep School families must submit an online scholarship and required supporting documentation each school year by the stated deadline.

The application period opens on Columbus Day (second Monday of October) of the year before the beginning of the school year and ends the Friday before Thanksgiving (third Friday in November) of the year before the beginning of the school year.

Scholarship Applicants are responsible for communicating with Blackbaud Aid concerning the status of their scholarship application to ensure their applications are verified in a timely manner. GMC Preparatory School (code 13049) Online Scholarship Application is available at Blackbaud Aid Scholarship Application Login.

Blackbaud Aid Customer Services (888) 868-8828. Click here for Blackbaud Aid Instructions

GMC begins preparing the upcoming school year scholarship recommendation for the GMC Preparatory School Scholarship Committee in January of the year before the school year begins. Families with no verified scholarship application will not be included in the scholarship recommendation. Families can submit online applications and supporting documentation after the November deadline; however, they are not guaranteed scholarship funds for the upcoming school year.

Needs Based Scholarship Types

Presidential Scholarships 

  • Subject to availability of GMC Preparatory School’s Institutional Funds
  • Needs Based- demonstrated financial need
  • Requires GPA (Grade Point Average) greater than 70
  • Requires Conduct Rating of Exemplary or Good
  • GPA Conduct Penalty- GPA less 70 or Conduct Rating Poor or Unsatisfactory (50% of eligible award)

Foundation/Alumni Association Scholarships

  • Based on donor defined criteria and upon request additional information may be required. 
  • Needs Based-demonstrated financial need
  • GPA greater than 70 and varies based on donor agreement. 
  • Conduct Ratings of Poor/Unsatisfactory are not considered.

Scholarship Award Notification

Award notifications will be received no later than April 30th of the year prior to the beginning of the school year. If you have not received notification regarding financial aid, contact GMC student accounts at or call 478-387-4847 (option 1).

Scholarship Forfeiture

  • At any point in the school year, if a student’s Conduct Rating drops to Poor/Unsatisfactory or the enters a Discipline Contract.
  • If payments for prior school year and the upcoming school year May and June payment are not paid by June 30th.

Hardship Scholarship

GMC is committed to helping families when they encounter life changing events such as medical issues, job layoffs, death of a spouse, etc. Hardship scholarships are restricted to a one-time disbursement while student is enrolled at GMC Preparatory School. Families wishing to be considered for Hardship funding must contact and request a Hardship Application. Each family seeking hardship funds must complete the Hardship Application and the Blackbaud online scholarship application. The Hardship application will be reviewed by the GMC Preparatory School Scholarship committee.

Additional Tuition Reduction Scholarships

Blackbaud Scholarship Application is not required to receive the following Prep School Tuition Reduction Scholarship Awards:
Active-Duty Military Scholarship
(10% tuition reduction) is awarded to children whose parent/parents are active-duty members or called up for active-duty service. Verification of active-duty service members orders must be uploaded annually (in March prior to the first day of school) to? scholarship does not apply to those attending weekend drill and two weeks of active duty in the summer, IRR members, or retirees. The scholarship cannot be added to other scholarships the school may already offer. The scholarship begins upon the date the service member is placed on active duty and is not retroactive. When the service member is no longer on active duty, the scholarship ends.
Multiple Child Scholarship
Tuition Reductions are offered to families with multiple children enrolled at GMC.

  • First Child   0% Tuition Discount
  • Second Child 10% Tuition Discount on the second child only
  • Third Child 20% Tuition Discount on the third child only
  • Fourth Child 50% Tuition Discount on the fourth child and additional children.

GMC Employee Scholarship
As an employee benefit, full-time employees of Georgia Military College and Preparatory school receive a tuition reduction as follows:

  • $1,000 per child attending the Elementary School
  • $2,350 per child attending the Middle/High School


GMC Student Accounts
478-387-4847 option 1
Located in Parham Hall (across the street from GMC South Gate)