GMC Prep School offers a variety of athletic and extra-curricular activities for students in all grades. Typically, several activities will have a try out period scheduled in advance and announced in Parent Plus and at school. Any student wishing to try out or participate in these activities should make contact with the coach/sponsor and express their interest as early as possible. Communication between student, parent, and coach/sponsor is highly encouraged.


The following are the extracurricular activities available at GMC Prep School:

Athletic Director Andrew Grodecki
Athletic Trainer Brandon Morris
Varsity Football Lee Coleman
MS Football Shawn Dennis
Varsity Basketball Cheerleading Isabel Valencia
MS Basketball Cheerleading Suzanne Brooks
Varsity Football Chearleading Tammy Ramirez
Varsity Football Chearleading Jennifer Brown
MS Football Cheerleading Vanna Stone
MS Competition Cheerleading Vanna Stone
Varsity Boys Basketball Bo Kilby
JV Boys Basketball Bo Kilby
MS Baskteyball Logan Cook
Varsity Girls Basketball Shawn Dennis
JV Girls Basketball Shawn Dennis
MS Girls Basketball Jennifer Deason
Varsity Baseball Rusty Courson
JV Baseball Rusty Courson
MS Baseball Matthew Graybill
Varsity Softball Jennifer Deason
MS Softball Nikki Grimes
Boys Tennis Debbie Barsby
Girls Tennis Debbie Barsby
Golf Jennifer Deason
Rifle Team Amy Kennedy
MS Cross Country Keagan Hurley
HS Cross Country Keagan Hurley
Varsity Track Lee Coleman
MS Track Lee Coleman
Varsity Boys Soccer Scott Seagraves
Varsity Girls Soccer TBD  
MS Soccer Libby Blair
Varsity Wrestling TDB  
MS Wrestling TBD  
One Act Play Mark Weaver
One Act Play Jenny Morris
HS Spring Musical Mark Weaver
HS Spring Musical Jenny Morris
MS Winter Musical Jenny Morris
HS Band Clint Raburn
MS Band Clint Raburn
Dance Line Terri Sloan
Drill Team / Color Guard Jonathan Napier
Raiders Todd Van Dine
Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy Scott Seagraves
Junior Beta Club - 4th & 5th Anna NeSmith
Junior Beta Club - 6th - 8th Linda Evans
Senior Beta Club Isabel Valencia
National Honor Society Alisha Rochon
Spanish Honor Society Michael Lerzo
Rho Kappa Social Students Honor Society Scott Seagraves
MU Alpha Theta Math Honor Society Alisha Rochon
Junior American Legion Auxiliary Stephanie Roberts
Yearbook 6-12 Shannon Davis
Yearbook K-5 Amy Larson
Literary Mark Weaver
Literary Jenny Morris
Junior Thespian Honor Society Jenny Morris
Thespian Honor Society Mark Weaver
Prom Jennifer Spencer
Art Club MS/HS Paige Barlow
Art Club 3-5 Andrea Sammons
3/4/5 Athletics Jeff Ward
Elementary STEAM Sara Gray
Elementary STEAM Maggie Williamson
Robotics Lindsey Wingard


Our coaching staff may be contacted at the emails listed above or call our School Office at
478-387-4878 to leave a message.

LTC Andrew Grodecki  - Athletic Director - MS/HS
MAJ Jeff Ward - Elementary Junior Bulldogs Contact