GMC Preparatory School's curriculum framework is designed to build a solid foundation at each level from Kindergarten through grade 12 to ensure that our students are prepared for success in their choice of post-secondary pursuits.   We utilize the Georgia Standards of Excellence as the minimum requirements for each course.  In addition, our faculty has identified other areas as crucial understandings for student success; these skills and understandings are integral components of our courses.


Kindergarten- 5th Grade





Social Studies


*Exploratory classes meet every day on a rotating basis.  Students alternate between Physical Education, Art, STEM, and Musical Theatre.



                          6th Grade                                                                                   7th Grade                                                                                             8th Grade

             English 6 or Honors English 6                                             English 7 or Honors English 7                                                     English 8 or Honors English 8

             Math 6 or Accelerated Math 6                                             Math 7 or Accelerated Math 7                                                       Math 8 or Honors Algebra I**

                           Earth Science                                                                 Life Science                                                     Physical Science or Honors Physical Science**

                          Social Studies                                                                              Social Studies                                                                    Georgia History

                      Physical Education                                                                   Physical Education                                                                            Physical Education   

                            Exploratory*                                                                               Exploratory*                                                                                          Exploratory*  

        *Exploratory classes meet every day.  Classes include Art, Band, Computer Applications, and Musical Theatre.              

         **8th grade Honors Algebra 1 and Honors Physical Science are the same courses that are taught in 9th grade for High School Graduation credit and provide the opportunity for qualified students to follow a program of study that leads to AP Biology and AP Calculus.

Students qualify for the Honors English, Accelerated/Honors Math, and/or Honors Science programs based on grades, standardized test scores, and academic history in the ares of English, Reading, and Math.  These classes are designed as a precursor to our Advanced Placement (AP) program in High School.   Records are reviewed during the application process and placements are re-evaluated each year. 



              English - 4 units                                                                          Math - 4 units (*required)                                                            Science - 4 units (*required)        
English I or Honors English I                                                   *Algebra I or Honors Algebra I                                              *Biology and Honors Biology

English II or Honors English II                                               *Geometry or Honors Geometry                                             *Physical Science and/or Honors Physics         

English III or AP Language & Composition                      *Algebra II or Honors Algebra II                                            *Chemistry or Honors Chemistry

English IV or **College English sequence                           Pre-Calculus or Honors Pre-Calculus                                   AP Biology                                                                  

                                                                                                              College Readiness Math                                                            Forensics

                                                                                                              AP Statistics                                                                                   Human Anatomy & Physiology

                                            AP Calculus                                                                                  **College Science sequence

                                            **College Math series                                                            


           Social Studies- 4 units                                                             World Language - 2 units                                                             JROTC units  - 1 unit per year

 World History                                                                                   Spanish I                                                                                                      JROTC I (Year 1 - Freshmen)          

 American History or AP US History                                       Spanish II or  **College Spanish series                                             JROTC II  (Year 2 - Sophomores) 

 Economics or **College Economics                                             (a 2 unit sequence of other World Languages may be substituted)           JROTC III (Year 3 - Juniors)                  

 American Government or **College Political Science                                                                                                                              JROTC IV (Year 4 - Seniors)


Other Course Requirements              

 Freshman Focus (1/2 unit)

 Computer Applications (1/2 unit)               

 Electives (1 units) - additional HS math or science course, additional College course**, Digital Technology, Musical Theatre, or Visual Arts


Notes -

  • Our Advanced Placement (AP) program is certified by the CollegeBoard. 
  • Students qualify for the Honors English and/or Accelerated Honors Math programs based on grades, standardized test scores, and complete academic history.  Enrolling in an AP course requires the students to have earned credit in all the prerequisite courses.
  • **Juniors and Seniors who meet the Dual Enrollment admissions requirements of Georgia Military College may choose to participate in our Dual Enrollment program with GMC under the program guidelines specified by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.  This opportunity provides students with the option to satisfy high school graduation requirements while also earning college credit.