Using the GMC Prep Student Meal Plan Online Payment System

The online payment option provides families with the ability to upload funds to the student's account so that students may purchase food items from the cafeterias using their GMC ID card.

The Bulldog Cafe is located in the Prep School Annex and serves as the cafeteria for students in grades 3-9.  This cafeteria only accepts payments via the online payment system, debit card, or credit card. The Bulldog Cafe does not accept cash or checks.

The Cafeteria and Canteen Snack Bar located in Zell Miller Hall serve students in grades 10-12. While cash and checks are accepted, we highly encourage families to use our online payment option in these locations.

In order for a student to use his/her ID as a payment card, famlies must maintain sufficient funds on the meal play to pay for the food items at the time of purchase. 

Use of the GMC Student Meal Plan Online System provides benefits to students and parents and no fees are assessed to families for its use.

Student Benefits:  Eliminates need to carry cash, check, or debit/credit card.  Saves time for students in the cafeteria lines.

Family Benefits:  Quick Easy Access available 24/7.  Updates student balances immediately on Food Services registers.  Allows parents/guardians to monitor food purchases and account balances. 

To add funds electronically to a student's meal account - visit our Meal Payment site and follow the steps below:

  • Click "Parents" 

  • Enter the student's GMC ID card number.  Note - the ID number is the 7 digit number located on the front of the student's ID card.  It is also availalbe in the Demographic section of your PlusPortal account.  If you cannot locate the ID number, please contact the Annex Office at 478-387-4859 for grades 3-5 or the Usery Office at 478-387-4878 for grades 6-12.

  • Enter the student's Last Name

  • Click "Go"

  • Click "Add Money"

  • Type in the Amount you wish to add (a $10 minimum payment is required)

  • Click "Add"

  • Enter your email address and click "Next"

  • Enter your credit/debit card information and click "Pay Now"

  • Be sure to check your confirmation receipt for a message that asks you to complete the transaction.  Failure to complete this step means that your payment will NOT process.


If you have questions or need assistance, contact our GMC Cafeteria Services at 478-387-4863