Student Meal Plan Payment

The GMC Student Meal Plan card provides families with the ability to upload funds to the student’s GMC ID card, so students may purchase food items using their GMC ID card.

In order to charge items in GMC Food Services, families must maintain sufficient funds on the meal plan card to pay for food items at the time of purchase. 


Use of the GMC Student Meal Plan online system provides:


Student Benefits:

  • Eliminates requirement to carry cash or checks.

  • Less time waiting in line to pay for food items.


 Family Benefits:

  • Quick Easy Access.

  • Available 24/7.

  • Updates student balances immediately on the Food Services registers.

  • Ability to monitor student food purchases.

  • No Additional Fees.


Click the Meal Plan Payment button to add funds to your student’s GMC ID card.

Instructions to add funds using the Student Meal plan online system.  Once the Meal Plan Screen is displayed:

  • Click PARENTS

  • Enter your child’s   GMC ID CARD Number (seven digit number on front of GMC ID card)

  • Enter your child’s Last Name

  • Click GO

  • Click Add Money

  • TYPE in the Amount to Add ($10 Minimum Payment Required)

  • Click ADD

  • Enter your email address and click NEXT

  • Enter your credit card information and click .PAY NOW

  • Click ****CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION***** the message appears on the top of the Receipt Confirmation.

    ****Note - Accessing the system using the Student option requires a PIN (initially 1234)


For Detail Instructions, click here .


Additional information is available from GMC Food Services at or 478-387-4863. 


Please contact Food Services with any concerns. 

GMC Prep School     201 East Greene Street     Milledgeville, Georgia 31061       PH (478) 3874878     FAX (478) 445-4536